Game Spotlight: Gears of War 3

Posted by l The Rudy l on July 21, 2011 at 7:53 AM

Release Date: 09.20.2011 / 

Developer: Epic / 

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Gears of War 3... Once again it's Humanity facing off against an enemy more hell-bent

on their destruction than humans themselves, the Locusts. And to spice things

up a new faction known as the Lambent have entered the fray. Fortunately for

the humans of Sera it's not just a straight up 2 vs 1 but more of a really

messed up free-for-all.


But you already knew that.


Since the second instalment of GoW, there have been a horde (pun intended) of

problems plaguing what has potential to be one of the best multiplayer

experiences out there, because let's face it, Gears isn't in the running for

any story telling awards. From terrible match-making, easily abused glitches

and exploits, weapon imbalances (don't even try to argue this one) and laggy

online matches Gears of War has had its share of foibles.


But not to fear, Epic believes that they have everything under control with GoW3.

After running an open beta giving a small portion of the Gears community a

chance to do their worst and abuse and break everything, Blezinsky and Co. feel

that it's ready for the general populace of chainsaw-wielding madmen.


Along with the potential fixes, Gears 3 also boasts new weapons, characters (women,

to be exact), enemies, terrible plot twists and ridiculous one-liners. Here's

hoping that this mess of a story does get finished up all neat and tidy-like.


To be fair, it's not the worst story you'll come across, but it rather feels like

after discovering the sheer awesomeness of creating a gun with a chainsaw

bayonet the creative crew figured 70% story-telling was good enough for the

masses... and well it is. Despite its shortcomings, underneath all of the crap

Gears of War still is a great series, and a damn beautiful one to look at.


What Gears of War 3 really has going in its favour is that it clearly is anything

but a Call of Duty clone or direct competitor.





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