Quick BF3PSA regarding patches and playing with friends

Posted by DFang on February 6, 2012 at 8:30 PM

You must download the B2K patch (which includes the B2k maps locked in them, yes, EA are arses like that) in order to play with people who have actually bought the B2K map pack. Otherwise you will get an error saying something along the lines of "server running different client version".

Just go to store from the main menu -> B2K multiplayer patch (or something like that, it should be free) -> download

Yes, it's 2.6G since it has the map locked-in it, but it's needed to play with friends who already have it, B2K maps or not. I recommend leaving it running overnight, preferably using the background downloads function to save power.

Thank you, now I can join your servers and take you dogtags.

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